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Refreshing Hemp Oil Sparkling Water

Available at: CBD American Shaman:


4721 S 96th St, Omaha, NE 68127 - (402) 506-3817

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Sat: 9am-8pm

Sunday- 12pm-6pm

*Please call to verify inventory before coming to store*

Discovering the ideal beverage to elevate any experience is essential in today's world.

Introducing the 10mg Hemp Oil Strawberry Lime Sparkling Water, a delightful addition to any cannabis enthusiast's lineup.

The flavor profile of this sparkling water is nothing short of exceptional. Combining the sweetness of strawberry with the tanginess of lime creates a symphony for the taste buds, further enhanced by its icy-cold temperature and effervescence.

It's a sensory delight with each sip.

What truly sets this beverage apart are the reported benefits. Users have noted that it effectively alleviates irritation and anxiety, leaving them feeling refreshed and energized.

This natural pick-me-up is a welcome addition to any cannabis session, offering a holistic approach to relaxation and enjoyment.

Additionally, with only 10 grams of sugar, it serves as a healthier alternative to traditional sodas without sacrificing flavor or carbonation.

Whether enjoyed at home or on the move, this sparkling water is the ideal companion for any cannabis journey.

In summary, the 10mg Hemp Oil Strawberry Lime Sparkling Water is a must-have for those seeking a refreshing and uplifting beverage.

Its delicious taste, revitalizing carbonation, and reported benefits make it a standout choice for any cannabis enthusiast.

Raise a glass to a heightened experience with every sip!


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