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Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana Secures Enough Signatures for November Ballot

Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana (NMM) have done it!

With 114,000 signatures on each petition, the group has successfully gathered over 228,000 signatures to potentially put medicinal cannabis on the November ballot.

Every signature represents hope for patients across the state.

Tireless Efforts Across Nebraska

This incredible achievement is the result of relentless efforts from countless volunteers. From Omaha to Scottsbluff, McCook to South Sioux City, these dedicated individuals have traversed the state, collecting stories from veterans, cancer patients, and individuals with chronic pain and epilepsy. Their hard work has culminated in a strong show of support for medical marijuana in Nebraska.

Next Steps: Verification Process

The group has submitted the petitions to the Nebraska Secretary of State. The next phase is the crucial verification process. State election officials will review the signatures to ensure they are valid. This includes confirming that each signer is a registered voter in Nebraska and eliminating any duplicates or invalid entries.

Certification and November Ballot

If the signatures pass this verification process and meet the required number, the state will certify the petition. This certification is vital as it determines whether the proposed bills will officially appear on the November ballot for Nebraskans to vote on.

Anticipation Across the State

Many cannabis supporters across the state eagerly await the outcome at the end of August. This could pave the way for significant changes in Nebraska's medical marijuana landscape. Stay tuned for updates as we approach election season, when the final decision will be announced.


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