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Iowa Governor Signs Bill Regulating THC levels, Cannabis Packaging, & Age Requirements

Governor Kim Reynolds wrapped up Iowa's 2024 legislative session by signing measures aimed at regulating cannabis. Among these measures, Reynolds signed HF 2605 into law, which imposes restrictions on THC amounts in cannabis products.

The law mandates a THC limit of 4mg per serving and 10mg per container on a dry weight basis. Additionally, it includes provisions for age restrictions and labeling requirements for cannabis packaging.

Notably, the law prohibits the sale of cannabis-infused products to individuals under 21 and introduces new penalties for violators.

“I have concerns about this bill and have heard from individuals and groups on both sides of the issue,” Gov. Reynolds said. “Ultimately, I am signing it into law to protect minors from dangerous and intoxicating products. At the same time, we’ve taken steps to ensure that children who are resistant to medications and suffer from seizures and other medical conditions continue to have access to consumable hemp alternatives for relief.”

Local dispensaries have expressed fear about the law's impact, particularly with THC levels restricted to such low thresholds.

Lawmakers, including Representative Bob Kressig, D-Cedar Falls, has voiced concerns over the potential economic repercussions on Iowa businesses.

Kressig pointed out that approximately 1,100 Iowa retailers currently stock consumable cannabis products, supporting around 3,000 jobs.

These developments occur against a backdrop of alarming statistics regarding alcohol and drug use in Iowa.

A recent report from the University of Iowa revealed that the state ranks among the highest nationally in both the volume and frequency of alcohol consumption.

Iowa has the fourth-highest rate of alcohol-related cancers in the United States, with alcohol identified as the second leading factor in traffic accidents, according to the Traffic Safety Bureau.

Preliminary data from the CDC indicates at least 760 Iowans were killed due to alcohol-involved deaths in 2020.

In the realm of drug use, the Iowa Department of Public Health reported a significant increase in methamphetamine-related issues.

From 2011 to 2019, drug seizure lab tests for meth more than doubled from 21% to 44%. That means almost half of all drugs siezed and tested in Iowa are meth.

Re-hab and Treatment admissions for methamphetamine also saw a rise from 23% to 42%, almost doubling.

Users reporting meth as their primary-use substance doubled too, making it a go-to substance for a growing number of addicts.

Meth Users also reported to the Department of Public Health about the disturbing rise in Methamphetamine laced with fentanyl.

A trend becoming popularized on the west coast by the homeless population for purposefully mixing the two drugs together so the user will be able to sleep when the effects of meth wear off.

If Governor Reynolds truly wanted to protect Iowas children, she would give more attention to the meth epidemic that has gripped her state for almost 25 years. Instead the Governor chooses to focus her resources on limiting already peon levels of THC while her citizens die from alcohol related illnesses and methamphetamine.


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