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Courageous Dispensary Staff Fight Off Axe Wielding Robbers

A shocking incident unfolded at The Cannabis Factory Dispensary located on S 13th & Pierce in Omaha this past Wednesday, May 29th.

At precisely 12:00 noon, two masked men wielding axes and machetes stormed the business, leaving staff and bystanders in a state of panic.

According to eyewitnesses, one of the assailants leaped over the counter brandishing a hatchet, while his accomplice stood guard at the entrance, armed with a machete.

The dispensary staff, displaying remarkable bravery, confronted the intruders, and drove the cowardly robbers out the door.

The incident lasted approximately 65 seconds and the men made off with very little before vanishing into the surrounding neighborhoods.

Despite the swift response of law enforcement, the culprits managed to evade capture, leaving behind a disturbed community grappling with the aftermath.

Reporters from the Omaha Chronicles spoke with local businesses and residents in the area, as multiple people were shocked when they walked out of their houses to men running by displaying the frightening weapons.

Surveillance footage and eye witnesses describe the assailants as two black males, both sporting masks and one with dreadlocks tied in a high ponytail, further obscuring their identities.

One was seen wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans, the other was wearing a black shirt and tan shorts.

A private investigator that wished to remain anonymous, uncovered a potential escape route utilized by the robbers.

A hidden alleyway near 12th & Pierce emerged as a key point of interest, offering the perfect getaway.

"When headed eastbound on pierce towards 12th St., There are only two ways to go, north and south-- both were covered by cameras" says the investigator. "But no business caught anything which was very interesting.

After walking the neighborhood and knocking on doors, a local pointed me to an alley that runs next to his business. I followed the alley to a parking lot, to another alley, where the suspects were most likely parked.

By the time Omaha Police started responding to the call the suspects were at least 3 blocks away on 10th and Pierce."

Despite the presence of surveillance cameras along their route, the criminals managed to evade 5 different business's camera angles further highlighting the sophistication of the plot.

"They came in at noon when the sun was highest in the sky, they knew the camera angles, and they knew where the alley ways lead to. They have been watching us for weeks and this was not their first job." says a staff member.

The brazen nature of the armed robbery has sent shockwaves through the community, prompting concerns about potential future incidents.

Unfortunately, this incident is not an isolated occurrence, with reports indicating a troubling trend of dispensary robberies plaguing the once-quiet neighborhood.

Authorities urge anyone with information regarding this incident to come forward and assist in apprehending the perpetrators.

Individuals can contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at 402-444-STOP (7867)

to provide any relevant details that may aid in the investigation.


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